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Marian Bond

In 1968 Marian Bond was an unpublished writer living in the country near Modesto, California…

As do many aspiring to be published, she first began writing news items for the local newspaper, the Modesto Bee, and became a regular contributor to that publication as well as the Sacramento Bee and the Fresno Bee.

When in 1971 she and her family moved to Los Angeles, a wide range of writing opportunities became available, and the rest is a pretty remarkable story to say the least.

Having contributed to over 100 publications--including the Los Angeles Times and the San Jose Mercury news over the last 40 years, Marian has gained a wealth of experience, and knowledge in finding the story, dealing with editors, preparing for and doing the interview, and writing and preparing the manuscript. She has also become an accomplished photographer with numerous cover photos to her credit.

Now living in Reno, Nevada with her husband Bob,also became a freelance writer, Marian is now willing to share her expertise with others who may be working toward that ever so important by-line and first check by participating in writers' conferences.


Marian appeared as a panelist with her book WRITE IN THE MUDDLE at the International Women's Writing Guild in New York City in October 2009.

She is also available to speak on women's issues at special events and conferences for writers.

The photo on the cover is of Marian
on a San Diego freeway shooting a
project for Cole Publishing.

Marian’s story about building a career as a freelance writer and photographer, raising a family and fighting the cancer battle.



Marian Bond

Marian Bond stops at the Perma-Liner Industries LLC exhibit, featuring an article in Cleaner written by Marian, at the 2011 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International in Louisville, Kentucky . She has been attending the EXPO for Cole Publishing since 1989.

Marian Bond is a regular correspondent with Cleaner Magazine. To view articles by Marian that ran in the last 5 years go to and search the Google toolbar for Marian Bond. You will find more than 60 stories with that byline.

Contact Marian at: 775-742-5431


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