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The original working title for the book about my experiences as a freelance writer and photographer was Falling Down-- because I have taken a tumble or two along the way both physically and emotionally while dealing with the challenges of life. However, I have always gotten up again and moved ahead. That is my philosophy. However, I have changed the name of the book to Write In The Muddle, which I believe is a good description of my philosophy in dealing with those everyday opportunities, experiences and challenges that always come up.

My story is about starting out as a "stringer" for the Modesto Bee in Modesto, California, attending and reporting on school board meetings and PTA benefits in the tiny town of Empire about ten miles from Modesto in the late 1960's.

From there, our family (my husband Bob, and three children) moved to Los Angeles where I spread my wings a bit and began writing for a variety of trade magazines as well as some other publications. One of my goals was to eventually write for the Los Angeles Times. That did finally happen, but it was about 18 years before that opportunity presented itself.

A significant section in the book deals with my bout with breast cancer, radiation and chemotherapy. Fortunately, I have been cancer free for over 30 years. During the year of my treatment, I was able to continue work on a fairly regular schedule, and the editors I worked with never knew what I was going through. In essence, I was "falling" but picking myself up. I prefer to think of it as Write In The Muddle.


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