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3 Decades of Covers by Marian Bond

business Facilities
Business Facilities - Cover & Cover Story
September 1991

The story of how I came to interview and photograph Richard Stegemeier who was CEO of UNOCAL based in Los Angeles is a good example of taking advantage of every opportunity to network and meet with other people...

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Roofing Specifier
Roofing Specifier - Covers & Cover Stories
Circa 1990's

My association with the editor of Roofing Specifier, a new publication, goes back a long way to when I was writing for some of the Harcourt Brace Jovanovich trade magazines...

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Southern Golf
Southern Golf - Covers & Cover Stories
Circa 1990's

In the early 1990's I began writing for Southern Golf magazine, and working with Editor and Publisher Richard "Dick" Morey. Over the years I did many golf course articles and had numerous covers on his magazine...

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Golf Course Management
Golf Course Management - Covers & Cover Stories
Circa 1980's

This is a Golf Course Superintendents Association of America publication. I began writing for them in the early 1980's and had several articles and some cover shots...

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Snack Food
Snack Food - Covers & Cover Stories
Circa 1980's

When I first wrote for Snack Food magazine, it was published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, and was later sold to Edgell Communications. Over several years I worked with editors Jerry Hess and Dennis Mitchell...

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Horseman/Horse & Rider - Covers & Cover Stories
Circa 1970's

The picture of the Appaloosa mare and baby that appeared on the cover of Horse & Rider in March of 1973 was taken in La Habra Heights, CA. I remember sitting for hours in the corral waiting for the right shots...

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