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My association with the editor of Roofing Specifier, a new publication, goes back a long way to when I was writing for some of the Harcourt Brace Jovanovich trade magazines. Mike Russo contacted me in the spring of 1977 and asked if I would do an article on a large Southern California house with a unique roof. They also wanted a cover shot for the publication. My job was to find the story (the house), do the interview with the architect, and get some great photos. The cover of the July 1997 issue (shown Right) was the photo they selected out of the two dozen I sent. I was using a Branica 2 1/4 format camera that I borrowed from a friend.

The photograph of the George Bush Library (below left) was taken in December of 1997 when Bob and I were doing articles in Texas. Along with the photographs, I did an interview with the architects and roofing contractor. The weather that morning was terrible--all stormy and overcast. I had finished the interview and some photos on the roof itself, and everyone had dispersed. Bob and I went for lunch hoping the weather would clear. When we got back around 1:30 the sky was blue, the breeze was whipping the flags and this is the photo we got.

Most people visit the Long Beach Aquarium (below right) of the Pacific to see the exhibits. Bob and I went to see the roof. Here is the photo that made the cover. Several others appeared with the article.

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