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In the early 1990's I began writing for Southern Golf magazine, and working with Editor and Publisher Richard "Dick" Morey. Over the years I did many golf course articles and had numerous covers on his magazine. We developed a great friendship and I was very sad when in 2000 he decided to discontinue publication.

The photograph he used on the March/April 1997 issue (shown right) is of Granite Bay in Sacramento, CA. The Granite Bay article deals with the design of the course.

Also in this issue is the coverage of the GCSAA's 68th Annual Convention. I attended along with Dick. I provided all of the photos he used as well as some of the other show coverage, including an extensive article on a meeting of golf course architects. Jack Nicklaus was a featured speaker, and one of my photos of him accompanies the piece.

The May/June 1996 issue (bottom left) was taken at the popular Silverado Country Club and Resort in Napa, CA. The article dealt with maintaining the course during the play and activity involved with a major professional tournament.

The cover of the November/December 1998 Southern Golf (bottom right) is a pretty dramatic picture of the number 7 hole at the new Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton, CA.. The story was about the design of the course.

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