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What Makes a Survivor?

Writing about myself as a breast cancer survivor is probably my toughest assignment. While working on my book, the first draft hardly touched on the subject, but my daughter Liz, after reading the manuscript, said that I must include those experiences. So I went back to the journal I kept, and in essence went back in time to the year I spent in chemotherapy and radiation following the surgery.

I don't consider myself a hero because I am one of the lucky ones. It's been over 30 years, and I have been cancer free. When I discovered the lump, I went immediately to the doctor. Within two weeks, the surgery had been completed and the recovery began. Having a supportive and loving husband and children, and dear friends, I did survive.

Cancer is a very scary and serious thing to deal with. But I also look around at others who are dealing with difficult and debilitating illnesses and conditions. I think that they are the true survivors. Some of these people I have interviewed and I talk about in my book. People like Liz Lukather, a polio victim, who continued to wear leg braces and actually rode horses. People like Tim Whitney, a young horse trainer who had been injured in a traffic accident, and continued to train young riders while sitting in a wheel chair. People like the youngster at California Polytechnic University, who had an arm removed because of cancer, but had learned to vault on horseback. There were the people I met while doing an article on Canine Companions for the Lions International magazine. These youngsters and oldsters were in wheelchairs, and were being trained along with special dogs that would be their helpmate.

There are many survivors and heroes, and in my work I have had the privilege of meeting many of them. How fortunate I have been.


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