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When I began writing for publications back in the late 1960's I could never have imagined the interesting and challenging journey and vast experience and degree of accomplishment that would come my way. But because I would never give up in my quest for work, or say no to an assignment, no matter how mundane or difficult, there seemed to be unlimited opportunity in my chosen field.

After spending some time writing for the local newspaper in Modesto, California and for the confession magazines popular at that time, I was introduced to the idea of writing for the trade journals while attending a conference for writers. This truly struck a chord with me, and when our family moved to Los Angeles, I took advantage of the location to establish myself in that interesting and often wide open field of endeavor.

Although I continue to work for several publications as a freelancer, I have come to realize that there is a lot to share with others who might find this an interesting and profitable niche.

Writing for business and trade journals is frequently an overlooked opportunity. However, my experience has been that this is a satisfying and rewarding genre, providing a solid basis for any type of non-fiction.

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