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“ I enjoyed learning of your many journalistic adventures and how you turned challenges into new opportunities. Many women will be strengthened by your battle with breast cancer and comforted knowing you not only survived but flourished.” Dawn Gibbons, First Lady of Nevada.

“ Your personal story is truly inspirational. Thanks for your soon-to-be Pulitzer-winning bestseller.” Bob Kleinfelder, Senior Editor Emeritus THE LION MAGAZINE.

“ I just finished reading your book, Write in the Muddle, and I loved every word of it. I loved the wind-up,” Betty, (friend and long time school teacher).

“ I read your autobiography cover to cover and feel so inspired! What a life you have led. The style of writing was intimate in that it was so breezy and matter-of-fact. You drew me in. Thank you for blessing me by giving me an intimate and profound look at your rich self.” Karen Neuweiler, assistant minister Center for Spiritual Living Reno.

“ I didn’t get to your book until yesterday but couldn’t put it down once I got started – just finished it – what a read – and what a fascinating life you have had. I truly enjoyed reading about it.” Virginia (friend)

“ I thoroughly enjoyed your book. You are a testament to what can be accomplished when you believe in yourself.” Georgette (new acquaintance)


“ For many years, Robert and Marian Bond shared stories they created during their travels around the country. Their accounts were always engaging and personal, and our readers enjoyed them greatly.” Ted Rulseh, Cole Publishing, Editor of Cleaner, Onsite Installer, Municipal Sewer & Water.

“ Marian Bond is a wonderful writer. Her stories about business and the people who run businesses are always clear and entertaining, and convey her own sense of admiration for her subject matter.” Jim Sloan, senior editor/business Reno Gazette Journal.

“ I enjoyed reading your article “Sheep Gave Way to Homes on the Range” in the January 9th edition of The Los Angeles Times. Thank you so very much for sharing the positive facts about the City of La Puente in this article.” Robert G Gutierrez, City Manager, City of La Puente.


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